ANINAGIN – Welcome to the hidden world living everywhere around us

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ANINAGIN is a film I created as a personal initiative, which shows the microscopic world of insects through an angle rarely explored before. Half-way between documentary and science-fiction, this film shot in the Philippines over a year, exposes the minuscule aliens of nature, stripped from its usual cumbersome educational purpose. This is a film about beauty, curiosity, harmony and reflexion on the behaviours and values our own species has adopted.

With the intention of arousing one’s curiosity about tiny things that we sometimes take for granted, more than 40 species of insects filmed in Philippine forests reveal themselves to us, in sound and in pictures, right down to the tiniest details.

To make this project become a reality, I had to make the tough decision of resigning from my dream job in a leading video production company in the Netherlands, leave my lover, and go live for 2 years in the Philippines. Week after week, I went with video equipment in remote islands and jungles, with no team and no budget, to patiently capture the most surprising scenes of this miniature world I could find. These hours of footage were then edited into a coherent and meaningful piece of cinematography, where the insects are much more the actual protagonists than the subjects. My brother, Alexander Weidner, is co-creating this adventurous enterprise with me and creating the soundtrack (sound design & music) for the entire movie.

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