Pinow – Spreading awareness about pollution in the Philippines

philippines environmental video production plastic howie severino michael perfect
philippines environment howie severino environmental videos michael perfect

During my second year living in the Philippines, I got the privilege to put together an environmental project in collaboration with 2 great minds of the Philippines journalistic and environmentalist scene, Howie Severino & Ipat Luna. Because this most inspiring couple invited my brother and I to stay with them on the edge of one of the most prestigious ecosystems of the Philippines, Taal lake, we were able to produce a series of short videos aimed towards raising awareness about the importance for the poor populations living there, of  preserving their environment, and more particularly their sources of water.

The research, writing, and video production was handled by us entirely and produced on a volunteer basis (with no production financing). Now these videos are still shown in various environmental & educational events, and have been picked up by 2 main TV networks in the Philippines, Panahon TV & GMA. A beautiful article about this project written by renown Filipino journalist Howie Severino can be found here