Here are some names I’ve worked for along the years.

video production corporate airport

Production of a variety of promotional films for the Amsterdam International Airport

motion graphics animation video france dieulefit drome

Video demonstration for new Yamaha magazines

video production corporate

Motion design for maps for Dutch National Railway Maintenance organisation 

aerospace video production creation video animation motion design

Production of series of educative & technical animations for improving safety for aircrafts flying in Dutch Airspace

video production netherlands

Numerous films as freelancer and employee for this leading Amsterdam-based production company

motion graphics branding

Production of various online content for publication company

video editing entertainment

Editing of promotional tournament films for leading online poker platform

video production entertainment

Music video & other motion design work for Mindstyle Magazine

video production motion graphics

Online video content for sports magazine

video production netherlands

Improvement of existing promotional video

video production corporate event

Camera work for Amsterdam branch event videos

video production michael perfect

Camera work for Indian IT services company

motion graphics video animation

Online video content for mindfulness magazine

video production france

Motion design and camera work for French production company

video production motion graphics advertising

Motion design and visual effects works for Energy drink events

video production corporate

Film for leading ventilation and indoor climate systems 

video production radio

Partnership with my original show Potes 7, conception of radio programs and other webshows