Music composer

Creating music is a second passion, and I always kept it close throughout my life.

Some would say I was abusing my brother mentally when I was 12 years old and he was only 6, by forcing him to practice piano so we would have a 4 hands duet show for our parents for Christmas. As the older brother, I would push him to his limits and the rehearsals would often end in battles, where we would agree before starting, that it would be ok if we were to kill each other in the fight.

As I studied Jazz piano and harmony for 5 years in French Conservatory and advanced jazz school IMFP, I toured with professional bands ranging from rock to acid jazz, reggae, blues, jazz and electronic music. 

I co-created 2 live performance electronic music bands of original music, AlienHearts and Skwhere ☐, playing in awesome venues and festivals accross Europe.

michael perfect mickail weidner alienhearts music producer
mickail weidner music producer electronic

Original Electronic / Electropop tracks I produced

Skwhere ☐ — Original concept

2 geeks from North Pole perform live in clubs around the world, through 2 way webcam projected on screens in parties.

Live performance for Youtube Symphony Orchestra